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Iron Age Weapons Cache

This is an internationally important hoard of 5 Iron Age swords in their decorated copper alloy scabbards, and 33 spearheads, which were found by metal detectorists at South Cave in 2002.

Archaeologists think that the weapons were buried in about 70 AD, around the time of the Roman conquest of East Yorkshire. The reason for the burial is not known – no bodies were found with the weapons. An after-battle ritual or a secret arms dump for the local Parisi tribe are just two possible explanations.

Although ploughing has damaged two of the scabbards, the cache has survived in a remarkably good condition. Iron Age weapons are always rare finds, so this is a discovery of international importance.

The weapons have been fully evaluated by a top team of conservators at the Museum of London Archaeology Service and experts from the British Museum.

Handling boxes relating to the Iron Age are available to borrow. A booklet about the weapons cache is available to purchase at the first floor reception.