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Object identification

Objects to be identified can be brought into the relevant museum, and left there after an entry form is completed to document it. At Goole Museum, objects can often be dealt with on the spot. Visit the Goole Museum website

In the case of archaeological material, objects can be taken to the Treasure House to be identified by the Museums Registrar. In most cases the owner can expect to hear back within three weeks.Visit the Treasure House website.

Occasionally identifications can be dealt with by post, over the telephone or via email. For more information please contact us. Visit the contact us page. 

Information sheets

An information sheet produced by Goole Museum on how to date an object is available to download below.

How to date an object (pdf 126kb opens in new window)

An information sheet on the identification of coins, tokens and other coin-like objects is available to download below.

Coins and tokens identification (pdf 197kb opens in new window)

Further information sheets on methods of identifying your own objects will be available to download from here in due course.