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Object donation

If you have items you would like to donate to one of the museum collections there are a number of ways to go about it:

If you are not sure whether your object is appropriate for donation there are some steps you can take before making the decision to donate.

  • Check out the Future Collecting Strategy on page 13 of the Acquisition and Disposal Policy which is available on the museum standards page.
  • Have a look at the Collections pages of each of the museum sites to see if your object fits with any of the collections.

Items may also be loaned to the Museums Service

  • Items are often borrowed for specific exhibitions at each of the museums. In all cases an entry form is completed and the items are returned at the end of the exhibitions.
  • Some items are borrowed long-term, either because they are of particular importance or because the lender needs time to decide whether they wish to donate the object. They will be put on display during the loan period, but may not be on permanent display.
  • Items loaned for a short term may be put in a Recent Acquisitions case, which happens at Sewerby Hall and Beverley Guildhall.
  • Photographs and documents are often borrowed to copy for the museum collections and are returned to the lender as soon as they are scanned or copied.

Loaned objects are generally collected by the lender from the museum at the end of the loan period, or can be picked up from the museum or returned by arrangement to the lender’s home by staff or volunteers.