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The local context

The East Riding of Yorkshire

It is often noted that the East Riding of Yorkshire stands slightly apart, both geographically and culturally.  Unlike the historic North and West Ridings of Yorkshire, the East Riding is a predominantly low-lying arable district, dependent on grain production rather than hill farming or industrial manufacturing. In this respect, the county has more in common with Lincolnshire to the south; however the wide River Humber operates as an effective barrier to any significant integration of the two.

Geographical and economic distinctiveness informs the culture and attitudes of East Riding residents – many of whom feel little in common with either the surrounding Ridings of Yorkshire or the counties that lie to the south. The only city in the East Riding, Hull, is a port, traditionally looking out to the sea and the wider world beyond for its livelihood rather than the countryside that surrounds it.

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Historic map of the East Riding of Yorkshire
The historic East Riding of Yorkshire. Image from Gott Collection, A1.91 6/108.