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Handling boxes

The Museums Service has a set of loan boxes to support the primary and secondary curriculum. The boxes contain original and replica objects to enrich classroom learning through supervised handling. Also included are documents, photographs and teachers information.

A range of historical topics are offered including Archaeology, Prehistory, Toys and the First World War. See the list of available boxes.

Redevelopment of handling boxes

The loans boxes are in the process of being reviewed and redeveloped over a long-term period. Brand new and redeveloped boxes better reflect the teaching and learning needs of schools, pupils and the new curriculum.

 From April 2015 a new selection of loan boxes are available to pilot to East Riding Schools, after the first phase of redevelopment. They include a greater quantity of objects to handle, curriculum-linked information for teachers and adaptable activity suggestions and resources.

Alongside the redevelopment process the old loans boxes are still available. See the list of available boxes for more information. We have suspended the loan charge until boxes have been redeveloped and the pilot completed.

We welcome input from East Riding schools into the redevelopment project. We would like to hear from your school if you would be willing to help us redevelop and pilot new boxes. Alternatively you could simply suggest new themes or comment on the current list. You may notice that some topics have been withdrawn, either temporarily or permanently. Let us know if you want these themes back.

Please contact the Treasure House Education Officer using the contact us page if you would be willing to contribute to the redevelopment project.