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For schools

Goole Museum supports learning in history (in particular, the history of the local area) design and technology and geography.

There are interactive exhibits and supporting information in the form of information sheets, and there is an education room for use during a visit.  The museum also has handling collections, maps and photographs for classes to use while visiting, with support from museum staff. 

All group visits must be booked in advance to avoid group booking clashes. This is essential even if a self-directed visit is proposed. Many schools like to arrange a visit to Goole Library at the same time as visiting the museum.  If you are planning to do this, please make sure that you book with both the museum and the library.

Contact the museum to arrange a visit.

The following downloadable document provides useful information for leaders planning a group visit to Goole Museum.

Goole Museum essential information (pdf 70kb opens in new window)

For more information on how schools can use the museums go to the learning for schools page.

My Christmas Diary learning resource

This learning resource is based on a diary, found by chance in the Goole museum archives. It provides a fascinating insight into the lives of one family’s Christmas in 1899. Activities include creating your own Christmas Diary, Census Detectives, I spy and even a Christmas quiz. The pack supports Key Stage 2 curriculum in history and provides stimuli for a number of local history, literacy and ICT activities.

The following downloadable document contains a teachers' pack with all the activities plus information on how to use them.

My Christmas Diary teachers' pack (pdf 3.4mb opens in new window)


Group in the Education Room
A group using the Education Room
My Christmas Diary
The diary used for the My Christmas Diary learning resource