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Object identification

We offer an identification service for small finds, whether found through metal detecting or by chance discovery. We aim to identify objects within four weeks or provide alternative points of contact for enquirers to pursue.

We work in partnership with the national Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) and information on significant finds will be passed onto PAS where appropriate. It is therefore important that we have accurate find spot information and landowners details where applicable.

In the case of large collections of metal detecting objects (more than 10 objects) it is suggested that the PAS might be the most appropriate first point of contact for recording, but we would still be interested in seeing your collection if you are offering it for donation/sale or as a potential loan for display. Visit the PAS website for more information.

Portable Antiquities Scheme contacts (external website)

Metal detecting & archaeology

The Museums Service has been working closely with local metal detector users, both individuals and groups since 1995. This has resulted in the recording of many finds and the creation of a number of temporary displays, as well as acquiring numerous important finds for our collections. We recognise that metal detecting, where carried out within the law is a legitimate hobby which can contribute significantly to our knowledge of the past. We strongly encourage liaison between archaeologists and metal detectorists for mutual benefit and the recording of all significant finds. Detector users and others should be aware of the legal requirement to report any objects that might constitute “Treasure” under the 1996 Treasure Act (and as amended in 2003). Visit the Portable Antiquities Scheme website for a definition of ‘Treasure’.

Portable Antiquities Scheme (external website)